Zero Expense

Zero Expense Solar Energy

Zero Out of-Pocket Expense with rebates and incentives combined with one of our unique financing packages, we are able to ACHIEVE ZERO ENERGY WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE and positive cash flow from day one in most cases. We rely on the incentives and federal solar tax credits. Our solar packages dramatically improve the value and resale appeal of your home! ZERO ENERGY SOLAR HOMES SELL 17% FASTER, AND FOR 20% MORE MONEY.

Orlando Solar

ELIMINATE YOUR HOME’S ELECTRIC BILL with virtually ZERO MONEY OUT OF POCKET with solar power panels from Save On Solar. Our solar energy packages get you as close to zero energy consumption as possible.  Our company in central Florida, custom-designs solar energy packages for you with a rapid return on investment. The end result is 40-years of free electricity thanks to solar power.

Why Pay Cash?  

About half of our clients pay cash for their system because our prices are better than anything they’ve seen on the market or online. The other contributing factor is our zero energy solar packages only take 3 to 5 years to pay back 100% of the investment. Where else can you get a 15% to 20% return on investment upfront on a system that produces free electricity for 40 years?

Added Value

Our solar packages dramatically improve the value and resale appeal of your home! Zero energy solar homes sell17% faster, and for 20% more money.  Contact us today for a free energy survey to be sure we can provide you with zero energy and out-of-pocket expense on your home.

You have Health, Life, Auto, & Homeowners Insurance. These cost alot of money and you hope you never need them. In these UNPRECEDENTED TIMES (economic chaos, solar flares, EMP, major storms, grid failure, etc…) is it really so crazy to BE PREPARED with a Zero Energy Solar Survival Package?  Like your other insurance, our solar survival packages are not free, however with our unique financing, and with significant rebates, incentives and tax credits, which we guarantee, IT IS POSSIBLE FOR QUALIFIED HOMEOWNERS TO PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND FOR YOUR FAMILY TO COMFORTABLY SURVIVE A MAJOR CATASTROPHE WITH ZERO OUT OF POCKET COST!  In the right scenario, THIS PACKAGE COULD BE PRICELESS!

Many of our clients are business owners, attorneys, doctors, financial planners, pilots, etc who pay a lot of Federal Income Taxes and are concerned with PROVIDING FOR THEIR FAMILIES BASIC NEEDS, if a disaster happens.  Having a Solar Survival Package will help provide safe shelter, security, water, electricity, food, and communication when the electric grid goes down.

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