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Is Solar Really Free? No, it is not. However, when looking at all aspects of Solar, it is much, much better than Free. Since the power produced by the PV System is Guaranteed to exceed the payments, on an annualized basis. Therefore, it is truly ZERO-OUT-OF-POCKET-COST-TO-YOU! When you add in the FEDERAL REBATE which is paid to incentivize you to buy Solar, THE 20% INCREASE IN HOME VALUATION, THE AVOIDED COST of the SOLAR ATTIC FAN, THE LITHIUM BATTERY, etc, this is FAR BETTER THAN FREE!

Do I still get an electric Bill? YES. Unfortunately, ALL Florida homes are required to be Grid Connected. However since this package is guaranteed to produce an amount of Electricity which exceeds your monthly payment, then this should eliminate any actual charge for Electricity.

Is this going to increase my Homeowners Insurance Premiums? No, since your Insurance Provider is incentivized by the Federal Government to provide coverage for the Solar Panels, with NO INCREASE in your premiums provided the Panels are mounted on your roof.

Does the 20% Guaranteed Increase in the Appraised Value of Your Home result in an Increase in your property taxes? No, since there is an exemption which prevents that increase from raising your property taxes.

What about Roof Leaks. I hear stories about Solar causing roof leaks. Are the stories true? Yes, some of those stories were true, but in almost all cases those leaks were related to improper installation of Solar Pool Panels. They used to install those plastic pool panels by drilling a hundred screw holes directly into the attic. Our Solar Electric Panels (PV) are NOT TOUCHING your roof. They are bolted to a aluminum rack system, which is then bolted to a aluminum Bracket which is then 2 of 7 bolted directly to your Trusses. There is NO OPENING TO YOUR ATTIC. Further, your roof is GUARANTEED against any leaks caused by the Solar for whatever term is left on the roof warranty. In addition, in 13 years and almost 2600 Homes, we have never had a roof leak.

What if I need a new roof, can I still install solar panels anyway? No, that would make no sense. In fact the BEST TIME to install Solar is within 12 months of getting a new roof because then you are good to go for 25 years, plus if it is a metal roof the typical roof warranty is 50 years. We can also help you collect a MUCH LARGER FEDERAL REBATE to recover a large portion of the cost of that new roof, whether it is Shingle, Metal, or Tile.

What if I don’t need a new roof now, but it will be necessary in 5 or 10 years. Is there a cost to remove and replace those Solar Panels? Typically there is a nominal fee of $100 per panel, to remove and reinstall those, however that fee can be waived if you give us an opportunity to have one of our Affiliated Roofers provide a competitive quote for a new roof.

Speaking of Roofs, what if we get hit by another Hurricane? In 13 years and almost 2600 Installs, our clients have been affected by numerous storms. However, we have NEVER HAD A PANEL BLOW OFF. Our Solar PV Systems are Engineered and Permitted to WITHSTAND 150 MPH Winds. Since your shingle roof is only rated for 120 MPH, if our Solar Panels ever get blown away by a Monster Cat Five Hurricane, your roof is most likely still attached to the panels! Anecdotally we have Satellite evidence from the Bahamas showing a metal building with Solar Panels on the roof, that survived Hurricane Dorian. That was a Horrific Storm that sat on top of Marsh Harbor for 40 Hours with 185 MPH sustained winds and 225 MPH gusts. With the exception of Metal Buildings, the town of Marsh Harbor was virtually destroyed. 3 of 7

Why do I need to be Grid Connected if all of your new FHA Solar Packages Include A Battery? Because Florida is the ONLY state in America, with a Law that mandates that EVERY HOUSE MUST BE grid connected. The same law also requires a Safety Switch that ensures your Solar System cannot back feed to the grid, IF the Grid itself is down. This effectively renders all Solar PV Systems useless in a Grid Down Scenario, unless they have a battery. Therefore, a Lithium Battery can provide a Long Term (25 Year) Emergency Back-Up Supply of Electricity. These Batteries are relatively small, put off no heat or dangerous fumes, and require NO MAINTENANCE. Because they use a Special Chemistry, called Lithium Ferro Phosphate, which means they have a very long life, can be discharged and recharged 100% many thousands of times, and they can NEVER CATCH FIRE. Depending upon which system is needed, these Emergency Back-Up Battery Systems range from very basic back-up providing a basic minimum of lights and refrigeration to a Fully Automatic Energy Storage System with Artificial Intelligent Software. This system provides Fully Autonomous Operation designed to Maximize your Self Consumption in a Normal Grid Functioning Scenario and Power to your most critical needs in a Grid-Down Scenario.

Does Your Company Help Me Get Approval From My HOA? No. As per Florida Statute 163.04, your HOA HAS NO AUTHORITY TO APPROVE OR DENY THE INSTALLATION OF SOLAR PANELS ON YOUR HOME! This had been tested numerous times with litigation which has ALWAYS resulted in a loss for the HOA. Also on every case the losing HOA was forced to pay ALL COSTS and ATTORNEYS FEES!

What if I Sell The House in a Few Years? On average, your Solar Home will SELL 17% FASTER and FOR MORE MONEY. The exact amount is entirely up to the Buyer and Seller, but at least the House will APPRAISE 20% HIGHER than it would have without Solar. ALL of the Warranties are Transferrable. When you consider the Upfront Financial Benefits (Federal Rebate, Electric Savings, Back-Up, FEMA Emergency Kit, etc.) It could actually provide you with a Financial Windfall. 4 of 7

I am planning to buy an Electric Vehicle. Should I wait to get Solar until I get the EV, since I know the EV will increase my electric consumption? No, there is No benefit to waiting. In fact, since Solar Prices have stabilized over the past two years, and the Federal Rebate is declining, you will waste thousands of dollars on Electricity, and potentially miss out on the Federal Rebate, while you wait for the Perfect EV. Since this system is totally scalable, you could take advantage of the Best Opportunity to buy Solar ever, and add a few more Solar Panels when you know just how much more Electricity you will need for your EV.

How much Maintenance Will I need to do to Keep Everything Working? Virtually ZERO MAINTENANCE! Your Solar System has NO MOVING PARTS TO WEAR OUT. The Shatterproof Glass is Guaranteed to Survive Hail (up to one inch) and golf balls. It gets cleaned for free when it rains. It requires NO TUNE UPS, etc. It is heavily grounded to prevent damage from Lighting. The Solar Attic Fan is likewise guaranteed for 25 years. Even the Emergency Back Up Battery is completely Sealed and requires no Maintenance to top off fluids and there is no need to fear off-gassing of dangerous fumes, heat or fire. This is why Florida Electric Utility Monopolies have installed 33 Million Panels in their own Solar Arrays throughout the State, in the last two years. The Florida Electric Co’s receive significant Savings which allows them to recoup their costs for these Utility Scale Solar Farms in One or Two Years. With ZERO MAINTENANCE and ZERO FUEL COSTS, this allows them to produce FREE ELECTRICITY FOR THE NEXT 25 YEARS, so they can Sell that Electricity to you for Ever Increasing Rates!

If The Electric Utilities Are Now Able To Generate MegaWatts Of Free Electricity Using Solar, Why Are Electric Rates Still Increasing? The answer to that is more complex. Our Electric Power Transmission Grid( “The Grid”) has been pieced together over the last 141 years, since Thomas Edison Electrified Menlo Park, N.J. in 1879. Today that Ancient Grid consists of thousands of Transformers, Sub-Stations, Cables, Poles, Power Plants, and Workers, who maintain the viability of todays power 5 of 7 transmission (“The Grid”). Even though the workers themselves have done an outstanding job of providing Reliable, Safe Electricity to Floridians, The Grid itself has created a huge risk due to it’s increasing size and complexity. In November 2019, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) APPROVED THE LARGEST ELECTRIC RATE HIKE IN FLORIDAS HISTORY! (50 Billion Dollars) These funds are to be used to bury Power-lines and reduce the impact to Florida from Storm Related Power Outages. THAT RATE HIKE DOES NOT INCLUDE GRID MAINTENANCE. According to a Large Central Florida Electric Co-op, the cost to maintain the Grid INCREASED by 25% IN 2019, while at the same time their Customer Base REDUCED AVERAGE ELECTRIC USAGE From 1700 to 1000 Kwh Per Month, because MORE PEOPLE ARE GETTING SOLAR! Consequently, with Costs Up and Revenues Down, they are FORCED TO RAISE RATES by 20%! Sounds like a recipe to drive MORE PEOPLE TO GET SOLAR. We also have a Huge Expense related to Nuclear Power, which provides 12% of Floridas Electricity. We currently have 1 Reactor owned by Duke Energy and 4 Reactors owned by FPL. The Duke Plant was broken, by Duke, and is now Shutdown. The Estimated Cost to TEAR DOWN THE DUKE REACTOR is 4 BILLION DOLLARS and IT IS PROJECTED TO TAKE 40 YEARS! When you add the FPL NUKES, INCLUDING THE COST TO ADD NON-NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS TO REPLACE THE 12% POWER THEY ARE NOW PRODUCING, THE ESTIMATED COSTS INCREASE BY 40 to 50 BILLION DOLLARS OVER THE NEXT 40 YEARS! It is also to clean up Biscayne Bay which has been polluted by The Turkey Creek Nuke Plant for Five Years! So yes, Electric Rates will continue increasing for the Rest of your Life!

Is ALL of this push to get Solar being driven by concerns about Global Warming and The Green New Deal? Absolutely NOT. It is wonderful that Solar IS CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY, but that is only part of the Benefit. IT MAKES FINANCIAL SENSE IN EVERY WAY. – It is the Fastest Growing Job in America – It is the Only Escape From Being Forced To Pay Never Ending, Ever Increasing Bills From A Monopoly 6 of 7 – It is More Reliable, Especially Since Our 141 Year Old Grid Is At Risk In So Many Ways ( Hurricanes, Cyber Attacks, Mechanical Failures, EMP, Etc, Etc.) – Even though Solar Systems are NOT FREE, the ELECTRICITY THEY PRODUCE FOR THE NEXT 25 to 40 YEARS Really Is FREE! – As a Nation, we are absolutely reliant upon Electricity. Since the Grid is so Fragile, we are reminded of this every time the power fails and we are taken back to 1878. Solar with Storage (Battery) offers PRICELESS PEACE OF MIND, knowing your home and Family will NEVER BE IN THE DARK!

How does SOLAR fit into the NEW WORLD OF PANDEMICS/COVID 19? We were ALL witness to the fact that in Todays Interconnected World, EVERYTHING can change, virtually overnight. Thankfully our fragile Electric Grid has provided reliable electricity in this emergency. But WHAT IF…… – A Single Transformer fails at a Central Florida Sub-Station causing a cascading Black Out all the way south to Key West. – A Single Terrorist with a rifle shoots out the oil canister causing the same outage. – One of the Thousands of Daily Cyber Attacks gets through creating a Massive Black Out. Our protections must be 100% Perfect while the attackers only need to be right one time. – Most Hospitals have Emergency Generators, but they DO NOT HAVE UNLIMITED FUEL SUPPLIES. – Same with Grocery Stores and Gas Stations – Our Goods, which are Distributed By Large and Small Trucks. These TRUCKS DO NOT RUN WITHOUT ELECTRICITY TO PUMP FUEL – Our Power Plants Still require HEALTHY People to keep Everything Running Smoothly. – You lost power, communication, lights, Internet, refrigeration, etc. – SELF QUARANTINE WOULD LOOK A WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT THEN, Wouldn’t It? 7 of 7

This certainly makes sense, but in the scary scenarios outlined above it would be great to have Solar for Air Conditioning as well, will this FHA Solar Package run my Air Conditioner, in a grid down scenario? Not likely, unless you have a super efficient AC unit or a small window unit or a ductless Mini-Split or a Soft Start unit designed to reduce the amperage required for compressor start up. Keep in mind, that those scenarios, just like the Pandemic Itself are matters of Life and Death, not comfort. Remember, these limitations ONLY apply in a Grid Down Scenario, otherwise in a Normal Situation (Grid Functioning) You live your life as always, it is just much better financially due to the Rebate, Electric Savings and Increased Home Value.

BOTTOM LINE SUMMARY – Even though SOLAR IS NOT FREE, it really doesn’t cost you anything because your FIXED PAYMENT is Guaranteed to be less than the ELECTRIC SAVINGS IT GENERATES OVER THE NEXT 25 YEARS! So it really is ZERO-OUT-OF-POCKET-COSTTO-YOU! – Plus you will receive the Federal Tax Credit REBATE! – Plus you will realize a 20% INCREASE in Appraised Value of your home! – Plus you will receive THE EMERGENCY BACK-UP BATTERY! – Plus, you will receive the FEMA recommended EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT ( incl. Water Filtration, 30 Day Food for 2 to 4 people, First Aid, Radio, etc.)! – Plus YOU WILL BE KEEPING YOUR FAMILY SAFE! – Plus YOU WILL BE HELPING AMERICA and KEEP AMERICANS WORKING, at a time when that really matters.