• Photovoltaic

    Semiconductor devices that convert sunlight into electricity...

  • Hot Water

    The most widely used green energy technology...

  • Pool Heating

    Extend your swimming season by heating your pool with the sun...

  • Custom Proposals

    We create a customized proposal that is designed to achieve zero energy...

Welcome to Save On Solar

Eliminate your home's electric bill with virtually zero money out of pocket with solar power panels from Save On Solar in Central Florida. Our solar energy packages get you as close to zero energy consumption as possible.

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Zero Out or Pocket Expensive

Zero Out of-Pocket Expense with rebates and incentives combined with one of our unique financing packages, we are able to achieve zero energy with absolutely zero out-of-pocket expense...[Read More]


Our customers are our best promoters, and as they will tell you, we provide the very best in customer service by a dedicated team of detail oriented professionals.

About Our High Quality Solar Panels

Save On Solar designs solar power systems that are site specific and engineered to withstand hurricane winds... [Read More]

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